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Wisdom Teeth Removal
Peoria, AZ

Young woman smiling after wisdom teeth removal by her Peoria, AZ dentist, Victor Nitu, DDSEvery year, many people have teeth removed due to many reasons, and some of these teeth are wisdom teeth. Removing wisdom teeth is a very common procedure, and the removal brings many oral health benefits for patients. If you are wondering what wisdom teeth are and why you need to undergo a tooth extraction procedure to remove them, our professionals at Victor Nitu DDS can help.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Also known as our third molars, these teeth are the last set of molars that are situated at the back of our mouth. They are the last set of permanent teeth that should erupt in our mouth, both at the top and bottom sides. For many people, their wisdom teeth come in during their late teenage years, while others may see them in their early twenties. Despite their name, wisdom teeth are not usually welcome in our mouth as they come in at a time when our jaws are already adjusted and can no longer contain extra teeth.

Why Remove Them?

By the time wisdom teeth are ready to erupt, most people already have fully-formed jaws that cannot accommodate extra teeth. This results in some serious dental issues for most people, while few people may not have issues with them at all. However, our professionals always recommend an examination in which we may see if your wisdom teeth may require an extraction.

You may require wisdom tooth extraction if they continue to erupt at a bad angle, pushing against other teeth, disturbing your teeth alignment. They may even be impacted, which means that they are trapped in your jawbone or below the gums. If these types are left unremoved, they may result in serious pain in the jaw and gums, and even lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

What Is Wisdom Tooth Removal Like?

The procedure for removing your wisdom teeth is usually a series of careful steps. Our professionals will start by examining your mouth with x-rays to see the situation of your wisdom teeth. You may require multiple tooth extractions if there are more than one impacted teeth.

Sedation is necessary for the comfort of the patient. We will administer local anesthesia, and numb the area with the wisdom teeth accordingly. Once you are comfortably under sedation, our professionals will cut into your gums and remove the wisdom teeth. Sometimes, the tooth may be cut into smaller pieces for easy removal. One wisdom tooth extraction may require less than an hour, but more wisdom teeth may require more time.

After Wisdom Tooth Removal

After the removal, our team will seal the gums and place gauze on the site to stop any possible bleeding, and you will be told to put pressure on the site to quicken blood clotting. Blood clots are necessary for healing, and should not be dislodged. For 24 hours following the procedure, you will avoid rinsing your mouth, hot drinks or meals, and strenuous activities.

After this, you should keep up occasional checks with our professionals to ensure that you are healing properly. To learn more about the wisdom tooth removal process, call us at (480) 536-8228 to speak to our professionals at Victor Nitu DDS.
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