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If you have crooked teeth, you know how embarrassing it can be to smile. However, the idea of having metal braces can be even more embarrassing. Correcting poorly aligned teeth is important for more than just improving your smile. It’s also important for your oral health. At Victor Nitu DDS, we can help you to achieve a straighter, healthier smile with Invisalign.

How is Invisalign Different Than Braces?

Braces are an incredibly common orthodontic treatment. They are also incredibly noticeable. The metal brackets and wires that guide your teeth into proper alignment stand out quite obviously, a factor that can turn many would be orthodontic patients away from getting the treatment they need.

Invisalign is an alternative type of orthodontic treatment that is not only effective but practically invisible as well. Instead of using metal to straighten your teeth, Invisalign uses a special material known as SmartTrack. This material, which is used to make your custom aligners, was designed specifically for Invisalign treatment to ensure a great fit.

Not only is the SmartTrack material clear, rendering it pretty much invisible in your mouth, but the aligners are also removable. This is vastly different from traditional braces, where the brackets are bonded to the teeth for the duration of your treatment. You can take your aligners out every time you want to eat or brush your teeth and then put them back in when you’re done. This means you don’t have to sacrifice some of your favorite foods during treatment and you don’t have to worry about trying to brush and floss around fixed appliances in your mouth.

Your Initial Consultation

Before you can receive your aligners, you first need to have a consultation. You can start with Invisalign’s free smile assessment, which can help you to determine if you might be a good candidate. The best way to know, though, is to schedule an appointment. With an exam and discussion, we can help you to make the best choice to meet your needs.

While Invisalign can treat many orthodontic issues, it is not for everyone. It can treat gaps, overcrowding, and some other issues. You may not be a candidate if you have a severe overbite or underbite, or you have other significant issues with alignment.

Creating a Custom Treatment Plan

Once we have determined you are a candidate for Invisalign, we can then create your customized treatment plan. This starts with taking digital impressions of your mouth. These impressions allow for the creation of aligners that will provide you with optimal results. The technology allows us to 3D map the stages of your treatment. This can help to give us a good idea of how long your treatment will take. You can also get a glimpse of what your smile can look like once your treatment is complete, which can be some great motivation to follow your treatment plan.

How Does Treatment with Invisalign Work?

With traditional braces, it’s the wires that do the work of moving your teeth. With Invisalign, it’s the aligners. While they are removable, you still want to wear them for most of the day, every day. Ideally, they should be worn no less than 20 hours a day. It would help if you only were taking them out so you can eat and so you can brush your teeth.

If you play sports, you should also take out your aligners and wear your mouthguard. Your aligners are also to be changed every two weeks. When it comes to traditional braces, you don’t have to think about how long to wear them because they are always in place. However, Invisalign will require a commitment for you to achieve the best results in the least amount of time.

What Happens After My Treatment is Over?

Once the active phase of your Invisalign treatment is over, you will receive a retainer. This is not unlike what happens following traditional orthodontic treatment. The aligner helps to maintain the results of your treatment, preventing your teeth from shifting back out of alignment. Wear your retainer as directed to keep your new smile straight, beautiful, and healthy.

With Invisalign, we can help you to achieve a more beautiful smile in a much more discreet way. To find out if Invisalign is right for you, call Victor Nitu DDS at (480) 536-8228 today.

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At Victor Nitu DDS, we can help you to achieve a straighter, healthier smile with Invisalign.
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