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Emergency Dentistry
Photograph of Victor Nitu DDS in Peoria, AZ Some accidents can’t be avoided, and they can happen to anyone. It isn’t uncommon for accidents to cause facial trauma leading to tooth loss, bruised gums, and even jawbone loss. In some cases, a lack of oral hygiene or an undiagnosed disease could chip away at your dental health, requiring urgent care. Gum disease, for instance, often causes long-term damage to teeth, bone density, and gums. Whether it’s an infection, accident, or undiagnosed disease, it’s always a good idea to visit a dentist for a thorough evaluation. Here are eight signs that you may need emergency dental care.


Bleeding in your mouth may be due to one or a combination of several issues, such as injury, biting something sharp, mouth sores, gum disease, and certain medical conditions. Bleeding may also occur by vigorously brushing and flossing. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, it’s time to seek immediate medical help.
You should never allow gum disease to go untreated because it may eventually become a life-threatening periodontal disease. It is important to visit the emergency dentist as soon as possible for treatment.

At Victor Nitu DDS, our experts Victor Nitu, DDS and will perform a thorough oral evaluation to identify the underlying causes of bleeding. They may clear plaque and tartar from the gums. In some cases, they may also provide antibiotics and perform scaling to improve gum health. If you notice that your mouth is bleeding due to oral trauma or gingivitis, contact an emergency dentist immediately.

Severe Pain

If you are experiencing prolonged, strong, and unprovoked pain (which may or may not get better with the help of painkillers), you need urgent dental care. It is possible that the gums or teeth are infected and or that the nerve tissues are slowly dying. The only way to clear the pain is to identify the source of the infection (whether it's an infection or something else) and treat it. Root canal treatment may be prescribed to patients who are undergoing pain due to infections. An alternative to a root canal is tooth extraction, which is often more complex and requires multiple visits. In any case, your dentist will gather necessary information about you, such as your medical history, how painful the condition is, and if you are available for treatment.

Damaged Teeth

Not all cases of broken teeth require urgent medical treatment, and some patients may be able to wait until their scheduled appointment. In the meantime, they can provide relief to their pain using over-the-counter medication. Some of the main reasons for seeking an emergency dentist are injuring a tooth while playing sports or getting into an accident. It is worth noting that some cases of broken teeth may be considered non-emergencies that don’t require an immediate trip to the dentist; this includes slip and fall injuries and engaging in sports-related activities. However, patients may require emergency medical care for larger fractures. A serious fracture is one where one or several teeth are gone, along with immense dental pain. Under these circumstances, you may need urgent dental attention.

Orthodontic Devices Falling Out

A mouth guard, dental implant, and dental crown are orthodontic devices used to restore normal oral functionality and improve aesthetics. It is not normal for these devices to fall out randomly. Dental implants, in particular, are designed to be permanent and low-maintenance in nature. If your orthodontic devices fall out, try not to panic and seek immediate dental help.

Follow these steps if your dental crown falls out:
•  Save whatever fell out so that the dentist can see it
•  Call our dentists right away
•  Avoid drinking or eating until you get treated

Metallic Taste

A metallic taste in your mouth could be due to several reasons including sinus infection, not brushing the teeth, medications, indigestion, and even a loose filling. If the metallic taste occurs due to loose fillings, you may have to seek immediate dental care. Fillings don’t last forever and eventually become loose. Moreover, chewing hard food substances can also cause the fillings to break. The dentist will remove the old filling, clean the tooth, and provide you with a new filling. Even if the metallic taste isn’t caused by a loose filling, getting checked by a dentist should be a top priority to rule out any severe illness.

Mouth Sores

Most cases of mouth sores are harmless and will go away on their own after a few days. However, if your mouth sores don’t go away after about a week, it’s time to call an emergency dentist. Some sores are an indication of fungal infections and even oral cancer. Mouth sores may make it difficult to talk and eat food. In rare cases, the sores may be very large in size. You should see your dentist if the sore is large, takes longer to heal, or gets infected. Seeing a dentist is also ideal if the sore recurs frequently, causes a fever, and gum swelling.

Painful and Stiff Jaw

Jaw pain may be caused by several problems. In most cases, it can be treated with a simple over-the-counter painkiller. However, if the jaw pain doesn’t subside or worsens with time, it is time to visit your dentist. Some of the most common causes of jaw pain include teeth grinding, infections, toothaches, arthritis, and gum disease. The jaw pain may be harmless or severe - you can never know on your own. Not seeking urgent dental care could have devastating consequences. For example, you may not know if you have gum disease until you visit a dentist. Leaving gum disease untreated can lead to more pain and infections.


If you experienced excruciating tooth pain, followed by feeling nothing at all, it probably means that the infection has spread to the tooth root. Numbness is not a good sign, and you should seek an emergency dentist who may prescribe root canal treatment.

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Accidents can happen to anyone. It isn’t uncommon for accidents to cause facial trauma leading to tooth loss, bruised gums, and even jawbone loss.
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