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Dentures - Complete, Partial, & Custom
Peoria, AZ

Replacing missing teeth is important for many reasons. While one of the most obvious reasons is to improve your smile, replacing your teeth also benefits your overall health and improves how your mouth works. At Victor Nitu DDS, we offer many options for replacing your missing teeth. One of these options is dentures.

Types of Dentures

When you hear the word denture, you probably think of a treatment for replacing a full arch of teeth. This is a type of denture known as a complete denture. There are also partial dentures. A partial denture is one that is made to replace a section of missing or failing teeth when the rest of the teeth in the arch are still healthy.

Both complete and partial dentures are removable, meaning that you can take them out and put them back in. They are also fairly similar in design. An acrylic base made to match your gums supports the false teeth. While a complete denture is supported solely by your gums, a partial has the added support of a metal framework that attaches to your natural teeth.

How are Dentures Made?

Before making your denture, any remaining failing teeth will need to be extracted. You will also need conditions like gum disease treated before you can get your dentures as well. The denture process can take a few weeks, with several appointments until you receive your final restoration. We take a series of impressions, which are then used to create models of your mouth. Your denture is gradually built using these models. During this process, you will try-in your denture. This is done to ensure that it fits properly, your bite is correct, and that it looks natural in your mouth. Once the denture is finalized, you may still need a few additional appointments for adjustments to ensure everything is just right.

Why Do I Need to Take My Dentures Out at Night?

Your dentures are removable. They should be removed every night and left out while you sleep. This is very important. Your dentures are supported by your gums. While this tissue does provide some additional support for your natural teeth, it is not meant to provide the main support. As such, the pressures your dentures exert on the gums can cause discomfort. Sleeping without your dentures allows the tissue to rest.

Do I Need to Use Denture Adhesive?

Denture adhesives are designed to help hold your partial or complete denture more stable. A properly fitting denture can typically stay in place without adhesive. However, if your denture fits properly and you still want the extra security, you may choose to use one. You should not use an adhesive if your denture doesn’t fit correctly, if you haven’t been to the office in a while for an evaluation, or if you have an allergy to any of its ingredients. If you are unsure of whether or not to use an adhesive, you can always call our office. We offer the Teeth In A Day All On 4 treatment concept for those who want permanent dentures.

Partial and complete dentures are effective options for replacing your missing teeth. Call Victor Nitu DDS at (480) 536-8228 today to find out if they are the right solution for you.

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Partial & Complete Dentures are effective options for replacing your missing teeth. Call us today to find out if they are the right solution for you. (480) 536-8228
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