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Dental Implants
Peoria, AZ

There have been numerous developments in dental care that have greatly improved the quality of care that you receive and that helps to optimize your oral health. Despite these changes, however, millions of people are still faced with tooth loss. There are approximately 120 million adults in the United States missing at least one tooth. When it comes to tooth replacement, most people immediately think about the traditional restorations. At Victor Nitu DDS we offer an alternative to these traditional treatments and can replace your missing teeth with dental implants .

An Alternative Tooth Replacement Option

When most people think about replacing missing teeth, they typically think of the traditional solutions, including bridges and dentures. Dental implants are an additional option on this list. An implant, typically made from a titanium alloy, is a replacement root. This root is then used to secure a replacement crown in place. Implants can be used in many different situations, providing an alternative to all traditional replacement options.

When you get an implant, you need to have surgery. It is during this surgery that the post is inserted into the jawbone. The post is then integrated into the bone as you heal as the bone bonds with it. The replacement teeth are then secured to the posts. Once attached, they stay firmly in place.

Who Can Get Dental Implants?

Just about anyone who has suffered tooth loss can get dental implants. To make sure that it is the right choice for you, your medical history and lifestyle are discussed. Your mouth is examined, and the strength of your jawbone is assessed. For some, certain treatments may be necessary before implants can be provided. Gum disease needs to be treated first. A bone graft may be necessary to restore strength to the jaw. Those with uncontrolled chronic health conditions or who are undergoing certain treatments such as radiation, may not be eligible. By going over your specific circumstances, we can determine if dental implants are the best choice for you.

How Successful is Replacement with Dental Implants?

Dental implants have a rather high success rate, sitting at around 98%. Of course, the success of your treatment depends upon several factors. Generally, if you are in good health, you do not smoke, and you take good care of your mouth, your implant treatment will last a long time. For many, it can even be permanent.

Will My Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

Not all dental insurance providers offer coverage for dental implants. Some will provide a set amount of coverage, meaning that you are responsible for the rest. You will need to contact your dental insurance provider to find out if they provide coverage and, if so, how much is covered.

Why Consider Dental Implants?

Dental implants offer an incredible alternative to traditional replacement options and provide many amazing benefits. They are durable and convenient. They look and feel just like your real teeth. They aid in improving your oral and overall health. One of the unique benefits, however, is that dental implants are the only replacement option that can put a stop to bone loss in your jaw.

If you are interested in replacing your missing teeth with dental implants, call Victor Nitu DDS at (480) 536-8228 today to schedule your consultation.

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Dental Implants | Victor Nitu DDS | Dentist Peoria, AZ
At Victor Nitu DDS we offer an alternative to traditional treatments and can replace your missing teeth with dental implants.
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