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Dental Filling
Peoria, AZ

You’re most likely very familiar with cavities. You start learning at an early age that good oral hygiene is essential for preventing them from happening. Even those who have impeccable routines, however, can still develop a cavity. If one does develop Victor Nitu DDS can provide treatment with a filling.

The Role of a Filling

When you have a filling, a portion of your tooth has been destroyed by decay. This can leave the tooth vulnerable to significant complications, including sensitivity and infections. The tooth is also at a greater risk for further damage. Cavities don’t go away on their own. Even if all of the decay is removed, the lingering hole can still cause serious problems. The goal of the filling is to fill the hole in the tooth after the decay has been completely removed. It essentially replaces the portion of the tooth lost to decay while also preventing bacteria and other debris from getting trapped and causing further harm.

Types of Materials Used for Fillings

There are a few different types of materials commonly used for fillings. There are composite resin, or tooth-colored, fillings. These fillings address the aesthetic issue present with metal fillings. They are also completely free of metal as well as mercury.

What Happens During the Placement of a Filling?

If you need a filling, we first need to clean away the decay from the cavity. Before we begin, we will give you a local anesthetic. Once it has taken effect, we use a dental drill to remove all of the decay completely. The next step is to insert your filling.

If you are receiving a composite filling, we place the filling in layers. Each layer is cured using an ultraviolet light, which is both safe and effective. It also cures the material quickly. As it dries, the composite resin bonds to the tooth, which helps to increase its strength. Once the final layer is cured, the filling is polished smooth so that it sits flush with the contours of the tooth.

Alternatives to Direct Fillings

Composite fillings are also known as direct fillings. This means that they are cured inside the cavity. Because of this, they only take a single appointment to place. There are also fillings that are indirect or created outside of the tooth. These fillings include inlays and onlays. These fillings may be recommended under specific circumstances when a direct filling might not be the best solution.

If you suspect that you might have a cavity forming, or have been told that you have one in a tooth, it’s important to have it treated right away. Call Victor Nitu DDS at (480) 536-8228 today to schedule your appointment.

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Even those who have impeccable routines, however, can still develop a cavity. If one does develop Victor Nitu DDS can provide treatment with a filling.
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