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Dental Exam Peoria, AZ

You do your best to keep your mouth healthy. You brush, and you floss. So, why is it that the ADA recommends having dental exams twice a year? If you take care of your mouth and you don’t notice any symptoms, what’s the point? Even if everything seems fine, routine exams are still an integral part of maintaining a healthy mouth. At Victor Nitu DDS, we provide biannual exams to help you keep your mouth in tip-top shape.

When Should I Have an Exam?

The ADA recommends that you have an exam twice a year. Even if your mouth seems healthy and you don’t notice anything wrong, it is still very important to schedule an exam every 6 months.

It is also important to keep in mind that you may require an exam between your routine visits. If you notice any signs or symptoms, such as swollen gums, tooth sensitivity, or a toothache, you should schedule an exam immediately.

What Can I Expect During My Exam?

During your regular exams, the first thing we do is review your medical history. Things can change in 6 months, and it is important that we have any changes to your medical history on file so that we can continue to provide you with the best possible care. This includes medical concerns, medications, and even lifestyle changes.

The next step of your exam is actually to look over your teeth and gums. Each tooth is individually examined with the help of a mirror to look for any areas of concern. This includes decay, the formation of cavities, physical damage, and the areas around restorations. Your gums are also examined for signs of swelling or recession.

Another part of the exam, particularly for adults, is an oral cancer screening. This is a quick, painless check of the soft tissues within your mouth. What we are looking for are any abnormalities, lesions, or anything else suspicious.

Some exams also include dental x-rays. These are images that show us the areas of your mouth that cannot be easily seen. They provide us with a complete picture of your mouth so we can assess its condition and spot any issues that cannot otherwise be seen.

What if an Issue is Found?

If we do find an issue, we will take a closer look. Sometimes issues can be diagnosed just by looking at them. Other times, additional testing is required. Once we determine the issue, we can then provide you with the necessary treatment. In some cases, you may need to be referred to a specialist.

Why Should I Have Regular Exams?

No matter if your mouth feels perfectly healthy, it’s still crucial to have routine dental exams. Sometimes, issues can develop without you knowing it. Many complications are completely unnoticeable in their earliest stages. The sooner issues are spotted, the easier treatment is. Earlier treatment also helps to avoid more invasive, more expensive, procedures later.

Even if everything seems fine, regular dental exams ensure that your mouth is in great shape. To schedule your next exam, call Victor Nitu DDS at (480) 536-8228 today.

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Even if everything seems fine, regular dental exams ensure that your mouth is in great shape. To schedule your exam, call Victor Nitu DDS today at (480) 536-8228.
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