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Dental Cleaning
Peoria, AZ

You always hear how important it is to have your teeth professionally cleaned. The ADA recommends that you have your teeth cleaned twice a year. While these visits might not seem all that important, they are a critical part of helping you to maintain optimal oral health. At Victor Nitu DDS, we can provide you with the biannual cleanings you need to keep your mouth healthy.

Removing Buildup

Your dental cleaning is performed by one of our highly experienced dental hygienists. It begins with the removal of buildup from your teeth. This is done using a tool called a scaler. The scaler effectively removes not only plaque and bacteria, but tartar buildup as well. A mirror is used to guide the cleaning to ensure that everything is removed. Areas, where more buildup has accumulated, will take longer to fully clean. Every surface of your teeth is checked and cleaned to ensure that all buildup is removed.


The next step of your cleaning is to polish your teeth. Once they are plaque and tartar free, we use a polisher to buff them, leaving them as shiny and bright as possible. The polisher has a rubber cap on it that spins. We use this tool along with an abrasive paste. The gritty paste works to leave your teeth smooth and clean, which assists healthy gum tissue in attaching to them.


Finally, we floss your teeth. Regardless of whether or not you floss every day, an expert flossing can be incredibly beneficial. Not only does it help you to eliminate any buildup that may be lingering between your teeth, but it also allows us to find any spots that bleed, which can indicate an area of concern. Even if you floss every day as recommended by the ADA, an additional flossing session won’t hurt. It can only serve to help you.

Why Should I Have My Teeth Cleaned if I Take Care of Them at Home?

So, if you brush and floss your teeth every day at home and your mouth appears perfectly healthy, why do you need to have professional cleanings? Cleanings aren’t just for those who might not practice good oral hygiene at home, and they provide benefits for everyone. During your routine cleanings, we can remove all buildup from your teeth, including buildup you might not even know is there. We can even eliminate tartar, which cannot be removed by regular brushing. Regular cleanings help you to avoid cavities and prevent gum disease. They help to give you fresher breath and brighter teeth.

There have been numerous studies that link oral health problems with serious health issues. For instance, those with gum disease are at an increased risk of developing heart disease. By keeping your teeth clean, we can help you maintain a healthy body as well.

Another major benefit of regular cleanings is that they can help you to save money. However, how? Cleanings help to prevent issues from developing. By doing so, they also help you avoid the need for more expensive dental care.

Don’t ignore your regular dental cleanings. If it’s time for your next cleaning, call Victor Nitu DDS at (480) 536-8228 to schedule your appointment today.

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Don't ignore your regular dental cleanings. If it's time for your next cleaning, call Victor Nitu DDS in Peoria AZ, today to schedule an appointment (480) 536-8228
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